F650 Price: Getting Value for Your Money Buying the F650

F650 Price

When you’re looking for the perfect vehicle, like the Ford F650, one of the criteria that you’ll have for choosing is the price.  For the F650 super truck, you’re looking at a cost that’s about $53,000 and up.  There is a way for you to get a lower price, which depends on how much of a savvy in shopper you are.  Even for a person with a tight budget, you can easily get the F650 for a better price.

F650 Price:  The Lowest Price for a Brand New Super Truck

When you visit the Ford website, you’ll get the standard F650 price.  If you want to buy the 2012 model, you’ll be looking at a price that’s around $53,345.  If you’re wondering what you’re getting with that price, you’ll have one with the standard equipment.  However, you can get optional equipment and still keep the price at a minimum.  For the lowest price for this Ford pickup, you have a max GVWR of 29000 lbs.

You can get back the value of your every penny on this truck model because you’re guaranteed it would last you for a very long time – well of course it will also depend on how you use it. The engine will be the Ford 6.8L Triton V10 which provides 363 horse power at 4750 rpm.  You have cruise control as well as the steering wheel mounted features.  You have an AM/FM stereo that has a clock and two speakers.

Going Higher Up the Price Ladder

If you want to get an F650 with more features, you’ll also have to face the fact that you’ll be paying a higher price.  With the addition of features related to your brakes like the Hydraulic Quadraulic feature, you’ll be paying a few more dollars on top of the standard price.

If you add entertainment features for your F650 like a CD/MP3 player – that would mean few more dollars out of your pocket.  For a regular cab truck, it will be equipped with two speakers and for the super cab or the crew cab, you’ll get four speakers.  With this inclusion, the price will be $54,285.

If you have a big budget for buying your new vehicle, you’ll only be going as high as $60,885.

Keeping Within the Budget

If your budget is smaller than $53,000 and you really want to get the F650, it’s time to start thinking “second-hand”.  Just make sure that you’re getting an authentic Ford F650 and you can buy one second-hand for a more reasonable price.